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We can help solve one of the most frustrating, exasperating problems of your business — bad debt — which is the money owed to you that you are unable to collect. As long as you are in business selling products or services, then you will almost certainly have had the unfortunate experience to supplying a customer who fails to pay. Often they will simply ignore your invoices, promise to pay but fail to deliver, or simply disappear to another address.

Our business is collections. We will act as an independent third party, working for you on accounts assigned to us. As a third-party, we are less hampered by the relationship you have had with your delinquent customer, and will approach collection in a straightforward, firm manner.


  • Condo & Hoa Fees
  • Rent & Lease Debts
  • Club Fees
  • School Debts
  • Auto Debts
  • Medical Debts
  • Utility Debts
  • Bad Checks
  • Past Due Invoice

Our collectors are highly motivated to move your debtor to do what needs to be done - settle the account promptly. Every collection is tailored to the creditor's specific needs in collecting your money.

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We are professional debt collectors with over ten years experience in the collection industry collecting both commercial and consumer debts for major companies in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Our Collection is done in an assertive, but professional manner.

We will collect your debt from any business; most troubled companies do not have resources to pay everyone, so typically they pay vendors who are applying the most pressure.

We believe the continuous, escalating professional application of pressure including personal visit with a senior executive of the debtor and consistent pursuit is the key to effective commercial collections.